[In our work together,] Jennifer explained and used well the diagnoses and images of the chords taken by [my otolaryngologist]; she added details and further interpretations and related this to my speech performance and its improvements.   Although my recovery might have been no different without therapy--at least the nerve regeneration--my improvement thanks to Jennifer has been exceptional. During 40 plus years of teaching [including Penn and Princeton] I have encountered few teachers as gifted…. I recommend her highly as a gifted therapist for those with recoverable vocal injuries. - Current student of six months, recently transitioned from rehabilitative voice instruction to traditional voice lessons Jennifer brings a dynamic combination of advanced pedagogical knowledge, a warm, empathetic approach, and superior organizational skills to her teaching. Her students develop a sound technical understanding of their voice as well as the skills necessary to become expressive performing artists. She is my first recommendation when my own students relocate to her area and need a voice teacher. - Sarah Maines, DMA, voice pedagogue and singing voice specialist, Portland, OR Thanks so much for all of the help and support you have given Evelyn (and us) these weeks!  She has really come a long way with her singing….Evelyn adores you and has loved her lessons….The big plus of her time with you is that she is no longer embarrassed to sing in front of people, and she has decided to join the middle school chorus next year.  She NEVER would have considered this before her time with you! - Parent  of current student of 4 months I worked with Jennifer Sharp for three years, and in those three years her instruction and encouragement made a huge difference in my vocal performance. Jennifer helped me improve my range, stage performance, and general vocal quality. Additionally, working with her was an incredibly pleasant experience. I left every lesson with a smile on my face and a feeling of accomplishment. - Carolyn, former student of 3 years Jen Sharp is an excellent instructor. She has a gift for understanding the technicality of the voice, while communicating in a way that students can understand. My favorite thing about Jen is her focus on healthy singing. When I began with Jen, I had some unhealthy habits, which she quickly helped me get past. Looking beyond her pedagogical expertise, Jen is delight to work with. Her passion for healthy singing is contagious. Jen inspired me to follow my dreams and gave me the skills to make them come true. Currently, I am a music major and I certainly owe much of my successes to Jen and her expertise. - Jennie , former student of five years Jennifer Sharp is a wonderful voice pedagogue.  She is patient, caring, and gives great analogies and exercises on how to sing properly.  I took lessons with Mrs. Sharp for five years and by working with her I developed more confidence, a deeper passion and appreciation for music, and a better understanding on how to operate my vocal instrument. - Elyse, former student of 5 years

Musical & Rehabilitative Voice Instruction